Quick Primer on our NHL Career Trajectory App

This app was build by Gordon White (St. Lawrence University '18) and Michael Schuckers ( schuckers@stlawu.edu ) using data collected from Hockey-Reference.com. The app is designed to plot with stack bar charts the trajectories of NHL players who were selected in a given range of draft picks. There are six options that can be adjusted as part of the app.

These are:

Seasons Into Career: This options allows you to control the post draft seasons that will be plotted. For example, setting the range of seasons from 1 to 5 will only show the first 5 seasons after a player is drafted.

Number of Draft Picks to Average: This option allows for averaging a range of draft picks, primarily to allow for some smoothing of trends. If this value is set to 3, then the sta cked bars combine picks 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9, etc into draft pick groups. The larger the value here the smoother will be the plots.

Range of Draft Picks: In the data from Hockey Reference, we have players selected with the first pick through players selected with this 293rd pick. This option allows for zooming in on a smaller subset of draft selections.

Draft Years: We have taken data from the 1998 to the 2018 NHL Entry Drafts. This options allows the user to specify a subset of these years to be plotted.

Position: Here we use the players position when they were drafted and put them into six possible categories: All, F (forwards), W (wings), C (Centers), D (Defensemen) and G (goalies). Here forwards are wings and centers, wings are both right and left wings.

Y-axis Variable: Following Schuckers' Draft By Numbers (2016) paper, we consider two variables to be plotted as part of the stacked bar charts. The first is the average games played per season which is the average games played for the range of seasons selected by draft pick group. The second is the average time on ice (in minutes) played per season for the specified range of seasons by draft pick group.

Last updated June 8, 2019 (by M. Schuckers)